A downloadable mod for Windows


This game is NOT about Learning, Its about horror games
Which this contains Strong image, Violence, Loud Noises,
and Jumpscares.
And You Have Been Warned About This Game
I Mean... This Mod, So If You Play This Mod


Are You Ready, Player And Youtubers
If NOT..... You Will Die.....


In 2005, Baldi's brother Named "Bolder", He is a Scientist and Experiments at the Laboratory System for the work. In 2017, Bolder tried to find a Baldi's and his Friends DNA Blood to make a Clone, But...... Something what happened the Clone Machine is Not Working, Bolder tried to fix the Clone Machine and then, It Getting Worst Baldi and his Friends become a Monster like SCP (Yeah, Your remember played of V1 or V1.2) Baldi and his Friends attack the Scientists and Destroyed the Laboratory System, Bolder has tried to escape from the Laboratory System and He made it. In 2019, Bolder has rebuild of New Laboratory System but He's forgot a Laboratory Things.
So, He Found a Job Named "Tila" (or should i say "Player"). Bolder asked Tila to Find a
Laboratory Things, Tila is understanding to get 7 Laboratory Things,
In Midnight at the forest and He found at the Laboratory.....
Well Get Ready to Play :)

(BTW im not good of story.... i tried :( )

In Game Includes:

-Its Now Real Scariest Exist in Baldi's Basics
-Mathpadgame is little bit hard
-Text Color (Notebook, Mathpadgame, and Items
-Red Into Yellow
-There's No Showing Picture When you got  "Game Over"
-WD-Squee Is NOT be Include Item
-There's Camera In MathPadGame
-Little Bit Long Jumpscared (I Guess)
-"Dead Baldi" is still here When you got the wrong answer
-1 Secret Code (testroom not included)
-And That's It

AND PLS DO NOT CHEAT, I Know you are doing

Install instructions

Download And Unzip the file and Enjoy Playing the Horror mod :)


Baldi's Basics Laboratory.rar 338 MB


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No disintegrating in the halls.Please principal help me please :(

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Sanspirate can you make this update to Android

i made some games check them out!

A VR experience

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     NOW IN DEVELOPMENT (now cancelled)

Look at this:

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Can you Upload Baldi's Basics The Time Paradox?

Baldi's Basics Time Paradox is in the Sanspirate's Gamebanana Page!

Hi BarnerrorBE



Woooow The MOD IS COOL

i cant get rar

you need winrar you know

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Sanspirate im making a more SCARIER version of this part, so it's a mod of a mod of a game!

i scare more serious i almost i broke my computer

why is window not see

Wow This is Preety Scary!This is my favorite Mod!

ooo pretty scary!