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"This is a Mod of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning by Mystman12"

Baldi's Basics The Old Laboratory is a Most "Real" Horror Games Mod that It can be exist includes Gores, Strong Images, Loud Noises, and Jumpscares.

In this mod, You encounter an old laboratory and you must collect all 7 laboratory things and then escape the Old Laboratory to Win

In-game Includes:

  • VHS Screen with First Person Hand (Literally)
  • New Characters Animation Sprite (Principal, Playtime, and Bully)
  • New Rooms
  • A New Cutscenes (Start and Endings)
  • Improved Main Menu Screen
  • Ported to v1.3.2 (Because it cannot be Decompile about 1.4.1 or 1.4.3)
  • Improved and Changed the Rooms
  • Added Details (A bit)
  • There is no Endless Mode
  • and Thats It


Modded By: Sanspirate
Open Source Baldi Decompiled Creator By: MissingTextureMan101
Musics By: Oxygeb Boi

Special Thanks To:

LouisVsFrost - Fixed Story Paragraph, Some Scary Effects and Warning Screen
Michael - Monster Baldi Voiceline
Shawn (AKA Prime Marble Production) - Headless Bully Voicelines Effects
Kwysocki243 - Jumpscare Sound Effects
(and others)

Programs Tool:

Scratch (Some of Custom Characters )


Glitch Effects By staffantan


The Old Laboratory Pre-Release 1 (Fixed Version).rar 120 MB
The Old Laboratory Pre-Release 1.rar 136 MB

Development log


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Options For The Next Chapter Or Next Update

No Background = Option 1

Same With Blue Background = Option 2

Same With Red Background Option 3

no, just no

Hey vessie i'm donofillian and this is me see can you make a clone out of me 


Can this be a new character? The name is OofyOofOof.

hey sanspriate know how to open the rar files

Go To RarLab And Install The One For Windows 10 but check your properties if your pc is 64 bit or 32 bit cause you have to download the one that’s the same as your pc


am i able to submit a character?

Swap Bully

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Awesome decompiled mod!

I'm on the Laptop i tried to play but it did not work i tried it didin't work can you please help to download another mod version on the laptop PLEASE

oh sweet Christ this is epic



This is amazing, hats off to you Sanspirate, I don't even think this is Baldi's Basics anymore. Everything is extremely well made, the only thing I don't really like is the self inserts sprinkled in the mod, none of the tube people are in your style and all look way off from what the game looks like, otherwise, this is a great mod.

Where's The Enterance?

It's replaced with the elevator.

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Can You Make A 32 Bits Version Please? I Have A 32 Bits PC

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I have 64-bit, Duh... Because I have Gaming computer!

what’s your properties of your pc if it is a gaming pc :/

holy moly! this is REEEEEAAALLLLL spooky!


Did you decompile it yourself or did you use MissingTextureMan101's open source baldi decompile?

I think so