A downloadable mod


This game still Extremely Scary
Which Contains Disturbing Images, Gore, Jumpscare, and Loud Noises

and You have been Warned about this horror game

(Causes of Heart Diseases [a bit], Nightmares and Some of I dont know like earrape

and Thank you for reading the not (Warning too)

Well Its Time Returns

In-Game Includes

-There is no longer answer about Math Pad (Or Quiz, of course), Just Pick up
-Killtime (Playtime) is Now Faster and, If "Killtime" catches you, Your Screen got cover by the Black Tentacles {and Press "Space" Faster just like Chapter 2
-Scary Ambience Sounds
-You are Playing as "Vessie" (Please Go to "How to Play" and See the Writing)
-There's a Secret Ending, But There's no Wrong answers (Well, Maybe you can Cheat... But the "MathPadGame" is no longer to see the Screen)
-Creepy Socks Puppet 2nd Form will kill you
-And Thats It

Be careful about Jumpscares and Loud Noises
and Heres Edgar's Note Credits: (Only In the Game)


Chapter4.rar 81 MB
Chapter 4 Fixed Exe.rar 39 kB


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make an Android version

grammar overload but ok